Why Choose Nashville Renovators?

Nashville Renovators’ goal is to create beautiful spaces for our client’s home while providing an amazing renovation experience. We’ve set out to do home remodeling in Nashville differently and allow our clients to actually enjoy their renovation experience. We call it elevating your renovation experience!

We view our role on your project as your representative to ensure your investment is protected and your vision is executed to perfection. With our 15 years of experience in remodeling and renovations, we have experience in every aspect of your Nashville home contracting project. Contact us today and let us prove our value.

What Sets Us Apart

The Golden Rule

We follow the golden rule, treat others as you want to be treated. Customer service is at the core of who we are as people, from how we treat our staff to how we treat you. We understand that every renovation project can have unexpected challenge, and its great communication that creates a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Knowledge & Experience

We know everyone says they have knowledge and experience, but contracting is a learn by doing made skill. Each project is different because every home and property is different. While we are not perfect, you will find most any challenge we may encounter together has already been dealth with in years past.


We believe transparency is the critical factor in having a successful client relationship. From our agreements to our weekly communications, you will know exactly where your money is going and where we are with each part of the build process. We provide a detailed line item by line item.


We believe in technology and systems. We have the Nashville Renovators App - which allows clients to create a realistic budget of their upcoming project using state of the art software, anyone can go on and build your own estimate.

Our Process

Step 1

Initial no-cost consultation, engage with office manager, notes on the visual. Then that goes to notes to the owner for a desk estimate.
Our Process

Step 2

Site estimate and refining the plans submitted with a question and answer type of discussion on property.
Our Process

Step 3

Discuss client engagement agreement. This will be an in-person or virtual meeting and the agreement is detailed. The estimate is referenced and included in the agreement. We do offer one free hour of design consultations if a client becomes a client. As our client will be invoiced every Tuesday based on progress that was completed that week. If 10% of the flooring was completed that week, 10% of the charges will be billed.
Our Process

Step 4

Preliminary work begins per the scope of work. Cient will have no less than 2 communications per week. That can be an email, phone call and/or text. Anything that changes the scope of work during the project, client will receive a change order to approve.
Our Process

Step 5

As the project progresses towards completion, we will have a final walkthrough. Client will sign off on the final work and at this time any final payments are due.
Our Process

Step 6

After the completion of the project, a one year warranty is available. To submit a warranty claim, email or call office and we will schedule a walkthrough to discuss the issue. We do our best to complete the jobs right, and warranty claims are rare but will be honored when applicable.

Leadership Team

Jason Lincoln Head of Operations

Jason Lincoln

Head of Operations


Jason decided to go into real estate in 2009. After passing the test and becoming a real estate agent he became a member of a group in which the lead agent was heavily involved with investors and has his MBA along with a minor in real estate investing. He learned a ton from him and did well under him but there came a time when he needed to go out on his own. After working with investors for the majority of his real estate career he decided to start a property management company for his out-of-town clients that had rentals in South Florida. He managed 15 properties during his time in South Florida. After a couple of years of being a successful real estate agent, a fellow agent and he decided that it was time to go into business and do it themselves. In late 2013 they started an investment/construction company and started purchasing homes to “flip”.  In a 2.5-year span they flipped 62 properties in the South Florida and Nashville areas.  After seeing a dip in the South Florida market Jason decided Nashville would not only be a great place to pursue his career in a more stable environment but would also be a wonderful place for his family.  In the first year of being in Nashville Jason built over 70 homes around the City of Nashville. Since then he has chosen to be in a more client-based contractor business with renovations being the main focus and that’s when Nashville Renovators was born.  

Michael Gomez Co-Owner

Michael Gomez



Michael is the Broker and Owner of  Hive Nashville,  as well as a partner of RAM Property Management and Nashville Renovators.

Michael has spent years building his business to cater specifically to investors.  During that time, Michael has participated in almost every aspect of the real estate industry imaginable. As a real estate investor himself, Michael has personally owned, rented, flipped and developed real estate across the Southern United States. Due to their overwhelming success in the real estate market, Michael and his wife Amy were one of the three teams featured on HGTV’s Flipping Showdown. Michael provides real estate broker expertise and insight to help our business meet the needs of our clients.  Michael also assists our clients in evaluating property values, selling investment properties, and buying new ones that meet our client’s investment criteria. Michael and Amy reside in the Middle Tennessee area with their three children.

Amy Gomez Designer

Amy Gomez



Design has always been a way of life for Amy. Growing up in New England, she was surrounded by the beauty of nature and was into art , painting and pottery. She has traveled the world extensively and much of her inspiration has come from the unique colors, textures and experiences from abroad.

Amy’s love for design blossomed when she and her husband Michael built their first home and she really had the opportunity to furnish it from top to bottom the way she wanted.

Family and friends soon took notice and she started taking clients by word of mouth. Over the next few years, the couple expanded their real estate investments to short-term rentals, and whole home renovations, giving Amy the chance to shine even more with her design skills.

Their reputations eventually landed them on the set of an HGTV show – Flipping Showdown – where they renovated 3 entire homes in a reality show competition, expanding their brand nationally.

Amy is currently continuing her education by completing her Interior Design studies through the New York Institute of Art and Design and started her design business – Amy Catherine Designs in 2021.
Amy and her husband Michael live in Nashville, TN and have 3 children. Liam 11, Mila 8, and Nash 6.

Christopher Dugan Office Manager

Christopher Dugan

Office Manager


Chris is a third-generation tradesman. He spent his childhood in upstate New York. He began to learn his passion in the industry very young with his father who was a master carpenter. Learning the ins and outs of working with his hands. At a young age he figured out he wanted to carry on the family tradition. Chris really found happiness in completing vigorous tasks and was very proud of his hard work. Chris then relocated to south Florida. With the knowledge, Chris gained from his father and grandfather. He began his own journey learning a variety of different trades. Chris worked very hard to gain as much knowledge as he could throughout the last twenty years. He gained excellent leadership, organization, and many other skills in the building industry. Chris now resides where he calls home with his wife and three children here in Tennessee for the past five years. Chris is a very fun, honest, and kind person he will make sure others have what they need before himself. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and doing outdoor activities.


Coming from a big corporate builder to a family-owned and run company has been a breath of fresh air. Leadership is not a revolving door, and they care about customer service and delivering on promises. I'm looking forward to a long career with Nashville Renovators!
- Shawn P.
"Everything was great. Smooth and detailed process throughout. Delivered on everything Nashville Renovators promised. There were some price increases during the renovation, but they communicated well and we saw the transparency. Very glad to have worked with them for our renovation, and we love all our new space!"
- Brady W.
"Nashville Renovators team did a phenomenal job in the entire process of our home renovation. Thanks to Jason and every team member was friendly, considerate and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to others and will be using again in the near future. Thank you for everything!"
- Ashley A.

Warranty Information

Nashville Renovators gives a one year warranty on the workmanship of work completed. This includes all work completed by Nashville Renovators but does not include failure of materials or maintenance of the warranty item in question.

A warranty is void if any payment for the property was not made in full. A warranty is void if any other person or company other than Nashville Renovators has touched or interacted with the warranty item in question.
The warranty is valid for one year from the day of installation or completion of the item in question.
Items that extend beyond our standard one year warranty are due to manufacturer’s warranty such as roofing and HVAC.
It is the client’s responsibility to maintain their property and to file all warranty claims with any manufacturer and are liable for payment of repair if manufacturer denies warranty due to homeowner error, failure to maintain item, or any other issue invalidating the warranty agreement of said manufacturer.

Go back work, punch list items, and warranty work will be scheduled within 48 hours (not including weekends) of receiving written notice from the client.
Our goal is to complete this work in a timely manner and aim for a 72 hour turnaround time for most situations.
Nashville Renovators has the right to repair/complete/ warranty any and all work agreed to on the quote.
If the client completes/ repairs the work on their own without a written agreement that Nashville Renovators will reduce the total owed PRIOR to the client completing the work, the client will still be responsible for 100% of the agreed upon cost quoted.

Any go-back work or warranty work requested will be completed free of charge if the issue was invoiced and paid for and the issue is due to poor workmanship.
If a visit to a property for warranty work results in the issue being user error or caused by another party outside of Nashville Renovators, a minimum trip charge of $125 will be assessed as well as the cost to repair.
Example: After HVAC installation, heat doesn’t work. When Nashville Renovators arrived, the gas company had shut off the gas meter due to lack of payment.

Please direct any issues (warranty or otherwise) to your Project Manager.
Do not contact any of our subcontractors directly.
Please do not communicate with our subcontractors about any work being done on your project.
Any communication needed can be brought up to your Project Manager. Any communication with our subcontractors directly can void Nashville Renovator’s Warranty.

Common FAQs


How soon can you start?

Answer: Roughly, we are on a two week lead time after a client endorses an agreement together. In other words, after the plan is agreed upon, work can start two weeks later.


Is there a time of year to not start a renovation project?

Answer: Not necessarily, weather does not cause an issue outside of concrete or site work. If the ground is frozen or pipes are so cold, that can be an issue. Also, during winter, when we tend to get more rain that can be an issue for paint.


What times will your team be in the house?

Answer: We normally work Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. If the client requests a weekend work, we can accommodate on a case by case basis. We do value our family time on the weekend. We treat our employees like family.


How do you make money?

Answer: We do not have a cost plus build fee like most others. Our fee is built into each line item, and is case by case per job. We bill you per week, so you know exactly what is happening per week.


What if something costs less than our estimation?

Answer: Then those savings go back to you!


Do you accept credit cards or offer financing?

Answer: We do accept credit cards with a 3.5% processing fee, and are working towards offering financing options now. Please inquire and we can discuss.


Are you licensed and insured?

Answer: Yes, we have general liability and workers compensation. We are a TN state licensed generatal contractor.


How does billing work?

Answer: Initially, we put together a comprehensive scope of work that sets all expectations for everyone involved in the project. From there, we invoice every Tuesday for work that has been completed, including materials.


What kind of deposit is required to get started?

Answer: We normally ask for 15% of the total project to be built. This allows us to buy materials and needed resources up front. It creates an easy flow for the project.


Will my job require a permit?

Answer: Some jobs will not require a permit, such as a basic kitchen remodel as long as plumbing or electrical is not be removed, A.K.A. a cosmetic renovation. If you plan to move electric or plumbing, we are required to pull a permit. Note that pulling a permit will require inspections and will often times delay a project by a couple of days for inspections when needed. nspection times vary depending on the city and a variety of factors largely out of our control.